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Every Moment Is Perfectly Imperfect

By Larry Gifford

It is easy to get lost in a cyclone of thoughts wondering how and why we do what we do and grading each action as spiritual, holy, sincere, authentic, or enlightened enough.

My higher self reminded me today to stop the on-going evaluation in my mind and live each moment of my life free from my own judgment.

Let it go.


We are all spirit experiencing the human condition.

Our spirituality is the interstate highway of our life. It’s the path we are on, not an intended destination.

Our consciousness is a compass. Being present and aware of our intentions and our actions helps to point us in the direction we are supposed to be headed.

Our knowingness is our guide. Listening to our higher selves and sitting in the still pool of certainty with each moment of our journey will give us all the information we need to move forward.

Life is imperfect and perfect all at once. Know each moment is exactly how it was intended. When we become aware we are not living life the way we intended or the way we want, we should be thankful for that awareness, acknowledge it as life experience, change our behavior, mindset or conversation and move forward. Always avoid the temptation of looking back and wallowing in what went awry.  

Sometimes we draw outside of the lines of the life we want to live. That imperfection is what makes this a human experience.


7 Responses to “Every Moment Is Perfectly Imperfect”

  1. Hi Larry. a lovely blog. Reflection is so important isnt it. Without it we are impoverished and almost just going through the motions rather than living to the full.Peace and joy.

  2. It’s always nice when you remember in the midst of the tougher times that everything is working out perfectly whether we can see it from this vantage point or not. Thanks for sharing.

  3. How can we know the Light if not from our path through darkness?

    If you want something to become straight, sometimes you must allow it first to become crooked

    We must walk between the narrow path of knowledge and faith. Blind faith with no knowledge and we are like a baby, Rely on knowledge alone with no faith and we will stumble. So go gently in to the unknown with the certainty that our destiny is certain.

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