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Six Keys to Your Success

Success isn’t found in the shadows of giants, it’s found under the feet of the most creative, entrepreneurial, daring, vulnerable, honest, talented and motivated amongst us.

Here are six keys to creating your own success.

1. Be yourself, which is to be different than everyone else. Individual perspective and experience is the catalyst for creativity.  

2. Use your talents in all aspects of your life; career, recreation, parenting, loving, mentoring, and dealing  with the everyday issues of life. Find ways to be an active influencer in your life, family, work place, kid’s school, and social networks instead of a passive participant.   

3. Be bold. Take risks. Don’t fear failure, learn from it. Surprise your fans. (Yes, you have fans – these are the people who love you for you.)

4. Be open. Give yourself permission to be emotional, impassioned, and wrong. Allow people to know who you really are instead of who you think they want you to be.

5. Speak your truth with love. Notice what your notice in the world. Have opinions, perspective, and insight. Challenge conventional wisdom. Ask questions. Be curious.

6. Surround yourself with people you trust, people who will challenge you and people who make you better.  And listen to them.


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