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Life is a Fire Dance

By Larry Gifford

In my meditation this morning I was guided through a lush forest, up a rocky staircase to a small cave. Inside the cave was a wise, older woman sitting by a fire. I sat next to her and together we held the space. We watched the flames and listened to nothing and everything. I wasn’t there by accident. I had asked for higher wisdom on what I should do to continue my spiritual evolution.

Before I departed she whispered in my ear, “Life is simple. Dance in your flame.”

I didn’t immediately understand. I asked for more of an explanation. None was given – at least by her. As I went about my morning, I began to piece it together.

In this instance fire represents life. Both can be a source of light and comfort or a raging, wildly out of control force of nature. The message for me was to dance in my flame, which I now understand means to live my life by being be an active, present participant.  When I am active (or dancing) in life, I can pivot, adjust, and shift in each moment.

I always trust the Universe will tell me everything  I need to know to evolve physically, spiritually, and emotionally, but what the wise, older woman reminded me is that I have to be present in my life to hear it.


One Response to “Life is a Fire Dance”

  1. What wonderful whispered words! One thing that fire certainly does is to purify, cleanse, and complete… best wishes!

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