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Love Yourself, Change The World

by Larry Gifford

It starts with a twinge, a feeling, a thought, an idea. It starts with one person who doesn’t think they can make a difference. It leads to a protest, a movement, a revolution and freedom. What has happened in Egypt is a reminder to all of us that regardless of our position in life, regardless of how powerful you believe you are; your love, energy and intention has the strength to change the World.

You might not be ready to rally the revolution of a nation, but the same spark that leads to that kind of uprising originates from the same place that allows you to change your life. It starts in the heart. The heart chakra is what controls the love you have for yourself and others, and governs your ability to be at peace with yourself and the World. The moment you realize you deserve more love, respect, and balance in your life the energy shifts and your personal revolution begins. Not only will you treat yourself differently, but because you’ve shifted the energy, others will begin to see and treat you differently too.

Your own uprising may be as simple as I love myself enough to exercise more. It gives my body balance, is a way of giving new life force energy to myself, and makes me feel good.

You may wake up one morning and realize you deserve to be treated with more respect by yourself and others which could be the catalyst to leaving an oppressive relationship or job. It awakens the self-love that shines brightly inside you, revoking the permission for others to treat you as physical or verbal punching bag.

Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. When you recognize the love you have for yourself, you open a new world of self-worth, self-esteem, self-respect, self-assuredness, self-assertiveness, self-confidence, and self-forgiveness. You set yourself free.

As Valentine’s Day approaches it’s a good time to check-in with your heart chakra and see if you are giving yourself as much love as you give. You never know, it could lead to a revolution in your life.


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