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Swords Don’t Have to Sting

by Rebecca Gifford

It has been a Queen of Swords week…and we’re only at Wednesday. Why do I say this? Because I am surrounded by people who need to hear – are ready to hear, are asking to hear – truth. Just as the Queen of Swords is always ready to oblige, apparently so am I. A dear friend, my husband, my toddler and a writing client… They all needed and requested (well, the toddler didn’t necessarily request) to hear exceptionally difficult things I was able to see and willing to share with them.

While I wasn’t always as at ease with it as the stately queen, I was inspired by her intellectual and spiritual certainty. What she teaches us is that even difficult truth is received and heard when expressed with love, neutrality and sincerity. This queen wields her sword without hesitation, but always with the intention of offering helpful answers – information that clarifies, heals and leads people across a precarious bridge on their spiritual journey. I’ve learned more lessons than I can count from loving friends and family, as well as fellow readers and healers, revealing things I needed to hear but was unwilling to see for myself.

Being a truth teller is rarely comfortable, which makes it easy to let opportunities to help those willing and ready to hear it pass us by. Take a lesson from the Queen of Swords and offer the truth you see to those who can’t. When expressed with love and neutrality, it is often the most loving gift you have to give.


2 Responses to “Swords Don’t Have to Sting”

  1. The ancient term for a psychic reader was a “sooth sayer” . “Sooth” is another name for “truth”, so, as readers, it is our job to tell the truth, even when it is challenging.

    I find that half of the job is being able to see, and the other half is to be able to tell my client what I see in a way that empowers them as opposed to overwhelming them.


  2. Love your writing!!!

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