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The Dance Inside My Head

by Rebecca Gifford

My parents gave us a Dancing Water Bowl for Christmas this year. It’s a beautiful metal bowl that, when filled with water and rubbed on its handles at the right pace and consistency, the resulting vibrations hum a pleasant tone and make the water ripple and dance like a pond in the rain. Lovely, right? Unless you can’t make it dance.

When I tried this meditative exercise earlier today, I found myself unable to make anything hum, let alone dance, for several tries. I washed and rewashed my hands and reread the simple three-step instructions. Rinsed out the bowl when I spotted a dog hair. Re-dampened my hands and tried again. Slower, faster, opposite directions. I rubbed that bowl until I was sure I’d rubbed a patch raw. Still, nothing.

Frustration set in, as did conversations with myself about how I was, of course, doing it wrong. About how I’d never had any problems with tools like this before and it must be defective or something. About my lack of rhythm and doubts about my coordination, and therefore my skill as a massage therapist. Perhaps I wasn’t worthy or still had¬†something I hadn’t cleaned off me from my meditation earlier. And surely the bowl knows when someone who isn’t worthy of it sits down and tries to make it work and it surely is laughing at me right now. By the end of the monologue I was practically spinning the darn bowl and definitely wasn’t getting anywhere on the humming and dancing.

My hand slipped off one of handles, forcing me to stop. When my hands stopped, so did my brain and all its voices. I took a breath, told my brain to hush-it and listened. I returned to the center of my head — that clear and loving place connected to my higher self and my third eye — and sat there quietly. Soon, I heard the subtle sound of my heart beating. My rhythm found, I lifted my hands to the bowl and tried again. Within a few seconds, the bowl began to hum beautifully and small ripples flowed from the edges of the bowl to its center. It really was lovely. What an amazing gift.

We all have lots of voices yammering about inside our heads. Most of them come from our brains, our insecurities, our fears, our memories. Most of them offer little to nothing to any situation — and often are counterproductive. When you can turn them off and simply listen to your body and your higher self, you have all the information you need.

When you can turn them off, you can access that balanced, golden center that allows you to know intuitively how to talk to that frustrating co-worker, climb that hill on the hiking trail that’s eluded you for weeks, conquer your fear of flying, finally bake a pie crust that isn’t doughy or make a bowl sing and dance.


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