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Am I Really Too Busy To Be Spiritual?

by Larry Gifford

I like to meditate, “run energy,” sit in the song of crystal singing bowls, talk to my higher self and spirit guides, read spiritual books and commune with nature. Recently, however, racing around chasing our 19-month old son Henry, changing diapers, cooking, cleaning, playing, and working I started to ask myself, “When am I’m going to have time to be spiritual?”

And then the “wise Larry,” my higher-self, spoke softly into my ear and told me, “You don’t need time. You need intention.” Wise Larry went on to remind me that to be spiritual is not an activity, it is the intention behind your actions.

If I were an actor this is where I would loudly demand to know from the director, “What is my motivation in this scene?” In this case, I realize it is living life with the intention of spirit; putting love and light into every action. Wow, that seems like a lot. But, I believe this is possible, because spirit is not something outside of you that needs coaxing in, it is inside of you and wants to be released.  As I contemplate what that means to me, I realize I’m most spiritual when I take action from a space of balance, neutrality, certainty and unconditional love. To me it means being passionate, compassionate, and true to the spiritual me. It means being grounded to the Earth and connected to the Universe at the same time. It is living your life for the greater good of all involved.

I’m certainly not in that space all the time, but when I’m not I quickly know it. I become more judgmental, am quicker to anger and frustrate and I physically feel it in my throat, heart, or belly. It’s the same feeling I used to get when I’d get caught doing something as a kid that I knew I wasn’t supposed to be doing.

So, it doesn’t take any additional time to live a spiritual life. That’s nice to know. However, that doesn’t help me spend more time using the spiritual tools I enjoy; meditation, books, bowls, and higher communication. Which my higher-self points out is not an issue of time at all, rather how I choose to spend my time.

Ok “wise Larry” that’s enough from you today.


One Response to “Am I Really Too Busy To Be Spiritual?”

  1. nice post, thank you 🙂

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