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Embracing change

by Rebecca Gifford

“Your greatest contribution to humanity is your willingness to evolve.”
~ Matt Kahn, True Divine Nature

Change. It’s likely that you’re in the midst of it – anywhere from switching your shampoo to a complete spiritual and lifestyle overhaul. As our world goes through significant shifts, there is a lot of change going on around us and within us. It’s why we’re here, after all, in a body at this time. If it were easy, then why would we need to go through it?

Any such path — even one bound for happiness or more fulfillment or better health — is typically filled with obstacles as tiny as pebbles to as big as boulders. Most of them we put there ourselves. For this reason, it can take anywhere from a moment to decades, but it is, after all, a transition requiring a shift in perceptions, behaviors, patterns, beliefs, choices or all of the above. Here are some thoughts that can help make your journey less rocky.

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Give yourself permission. Know and believe that you are worthy of living your life to the fullest, and by evolving you are offering light and healing to yourself and everyone and everything around you. Do you truly believe you are worthy, or are you seeking someone else’s permission and validation before moving forward and making the changes you desire? You don’t need anyone else’s permission, but you do need your own. Give this gift to yourself and experience the amazing transformation that is possible.

Make sure your path is your own. Take a look at the path you’re on – even if it’s a path intended for growth. Is it yours? Or did you choose it because it meets someone else’s expectations? Take the time to truly look at your choices, consider them and make any adjustments necessary to make it right for you.

Identify the boulders. If the change isn’t easy or graceful, ask yourself (and your higher self) what is holding you back. What are the roadblocks? What steps can you take to move around them, move them out of the way or blast through them?

Allow and notice. Whatever emotions and reactions – even the most negative – come up during the process, notice, allow and welcome them. Then release them productively.

Find a regular spiritual practice that works for you. Whether it’s meditation, prayer, yoga, spending time in nature, going to retreats and classes, finding a church, getting healings, using crystals, receiving bodywork, setting aside time to be happily by yourself for five minutes every day or any combination of the above or all of the above… Have some way of quieting the mind, reconnecting with yourself, releasing the emotions and negative energy that come up or are around you, and healing.

Find a community. Even the most introverted folks may benefit from connecting with others who have similar beliefs or are having similar experiences. Spirituality, though at its core an internal being and knowing, is often expressed most joyfully when shared with those who understand.

Forgive. You and those affected by the changes you’re experiencing likely will react badly at some point, saying or doing something regrettable. Forgive them and have empathy for what they may be feeling but, most importantly, forgive yourself. Know that awkwardness and stress come with the territory. Forgive and let it go.

Be kind to yourself. Eat well, get lots of sleep, set aside a little time for yourself on a regular basis, participate in exercise that is fun for you and make sure you listen to your body. It can complain quite loudly at times, and that’s not a request you want to ignore.

Remember there is no wrong way to evolve. It happens how and when it’s right for you. It doesn’t have to be a result of a New Year’s resolution; it can start whenever you’re ready. It’s easy to judge ourselves for evolving “too slowly,” “not enough,” “making a mistake,” or “doing it wrong.” There is no wrong. If you stray from your path, get back on it. If you decide a different path makes more sense, take that one. Your journey is yours, and it is happening and will happen exactly as it’s supposed to.


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