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You Would Be A Fool Not To…

By Larry Gifford

Generally, people tend to ridicule the decisions others make if the decisions don’t make logical sense. This is unfortunate, because being your own person and giving yourself permission to act instinctively in the moment without logic or judgement  is a wonderful gift to give yourself.

The Fool card in Tarot reminds us to be willing to trust our instincts, take a leap in life, start a new journey and live in the moment in order to find joy, peace, adventure, knowledge and freedom. Practically speaking, you can’t always be in this blissful, innocent, connected space, but the beauty of The Fool is that you can access him at any time. The Fool is the “0” card which isn’t meant to be a single number, but represent all numbers in the Tarot. It belongs nowhere and everywhere simultaneously. This allows us to call upon the energy of The Fool throughout our life’s journey. The Fool is helpful during transitions in our life as we embark on a journey or new beginnings. The energy allows us to take a leap, let go of worry and fear, and trust the flow.

A word of caution, you can’t manipulate or manufacture spontaneity. The Fool will turn into a trickster and your decisions and actions made in this “pretend present time” will back fire and cause trouble. This tends to occur when people consciously create chaos to evoke reaction or results. The Fool doesn’t care what others think or where his actions lead. He’s in his bliss, connected to his higher-self and tapping into animal instincts. This is the ultimate expression of present time.

The Fool packs lightly, moves freely, has no discernible past, and trusts the Universe to guide him through his new adventure – which can seem perilous and filled with angst at times – but ultimately, is the path that leads you to liberation, wisdom and solace.

Mr. T pities The Fool; I recommend you give yourself permission to embrace it.


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