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When are you?

“Where are we? You mean, when are we?”

– The Ghost of Christmas Past, Scrooged

For us, this holiday season means a trip to our childhood home and the first time most of our family meets our son Henry. The potential for stress, jetlag, family drama and the concentrated nature of the visit to take us out of the present and distract from those wonderful moments when Henry meets his aunts, uncles, cousins and some of our dearest friends is high. Believe it or not, we’ve already come up with some ways to help us stay in the present. We thought we’d share.

Take a technology break. Turn your cell phone, Blackberry and iPhone off. Stay off Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Choose to be in the room with the folks who are actually in the room with you. All your friends and emails will be there when the day is over, and consider how nice it will be to have only one conversation at a time.

Get out from behind the camera. It’s difficult to truly be in a moment if you feel like you’re busy trying to record it. You can still take photos and videos, but be mindful that sometimes it’s more fun to experience the happy times than to merely observe them.

Notice. If you start to feel ungrounded or out of present time, notice your surroundings. Take a couple of deep breaths and simply notice where the breath goes in your body when you inhale and what it feels like when you exhale. Take a big whiff. Do you smell baked goods? Pine? Peppermint? Burning firewood? Macaroni and cheese?

Acknowledge the abundance. If you don’t traditionally offer a blessing as a family, before you dig into your holiday goodies or feast, give thanks silently for the bounty and those involved in bringing it to you – the farmer, the harvester, the cook. The holidays usually offer some of the best food of the year, so appreciate each bite and really notice what it tastes like.

Keep a good to-do list, and then forget it. If a list of everything you have to do the next day or week keeps popping in your head, take the time to write it all down…then forget the list until you need it.

Keep your feet on the ground. Literally.

Make memories. Set your intentions on creating new holiday memories instead of dwelling on embarrassing or unpleasant holiday memories from long ago.

Drink more water and less alcohol. Sometimes our habits and formerly tried-and-true survival tactics can make things more difficult and emotional, not less.

Take advantage of the moment. Sneak under the mistletoe with your sweetheart. Tell someone you love how much you appreciate them. Help whoever is stuck in the kitchen and strike up a one-on-one conversation with them. Potential for lovely moments happen dozens of times an hour during the season. Have fun discovering them.

Finally, remember the love above all. The holidays often come with visions of the perfect Norman Rockwell family gathering. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if the dog gets into the trash, the turkey is overcooked or your nephew doesn’t thank you for his gift. And most families are far from “perfect.” As long as there’s love, it is worth celebrating…right here, right now.

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