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Bringing Your Garden With You

by Rebecca Gifford

The Nine of Pentacles card in the Rider-Waite Tarot is one of the most beautiful cards in the deck, both artistically and energetically. A tall, graceful woman stands in an abundant garden, garbed in beautiful gold and crimson robes, gazing at the bird peacefully perched on her hand.

Experts and users agree about both the beauty and meaning of this card. The woman is happy. She is quiet. She is at peace. She is deeply satisfied. She has found her happy place.

In my young life, I was able to find such peace in few places – libraries, empty churches, movie theatres, quiet forests or beaches or lakes or gardens like the one enjoyed in the card. It took me a long time to learn what this card teaches… This woman’s garden is her solace and her peace, but not anywhere she needs to journey to. Her garden travels with her wherever she goes. Her happy place is not found without – it is found within.

The love, peace and deep satisfaction of your inner life, your spirit, The Spirit, your garden is always with you…always accessible…always eager to provide. It is the brilliant gold light – the God light – of Universal energy that shines within us all.


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