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Life Is A Balancing Act

written by Larry Gifford

During a recent meditation I explored the concept of  balance in the Universe. Generally speaking;

  • where there is good, there is evil
  • without up, there is no down
  • if there is a way in, there’s a way out
  • the sun rises and sets
  • there is day and night
  • high tide and low tide

There are infinite examples you could point to in life (there’s another one; life and death). The example that struck me recently though is rejection and acceptance. Through our years of living each of us encounters rejection. Whether in romance, business, friendship or life in general rejection is stinging. It can leave you feeling helpless, hopeless, unloved, unmotivated, and misunderstood. However, if you take a step back and look at Universal balance – it might make you feel better. Remember where there is rejection, there is acceptance. The next time you are rejected for a job, have knowingness that there is someone else out there ready to hire you. The next time a romantic interest kisses you goodbye for good, someone else is out there ready to embrace the love you have to give.

As we experience dark moments in our life, keep in mind it’s just the Universe nudging us to remember that the light is still burning bright.


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