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By Larry Gifford

It is easy to get lost in a cyclone of thoughts wondering how and why we do what we do and grading each action as spiritual, holy, sincere, authentic, or enlightened enough.

My higher self reminded me today to stop the on-going evaluation in my mind and live each moment of my life free from my own judgment.

Let it go.


We are all spirit experiencing the human condition.

Our spirituality is the interstate highway of our life. It’s the path we are on, not an intended destination.

Our consciousness is a compass. Being present and aware of our intentions and our actions helps to point us in the direction we are supposed to be headed.

Our knowingness is our guide. Listening to our higher selves and sitting in the still pool of certainty with each moment of our journey will give us all the information we need to move forward.

Life is imperfect and perfect all at once. Know each moment is exactly how it was intended. When we become aware we are not living life the way we intended or the way we want, we should be thankful for that awareness, acknowledge it as life experience, change our behavior, mindset or conversation and move forward. Always avoid the temptation of looking back and wallowing in what went awry.  

Sometimes we draw outside of the lines of the life we want to live. That imperfection is what makes this a human experience.


by Rebecca Gifford

Chaos in the world brings uneasiness, but it also allows the opportunity for creativity and growth.  –Tom Barrett

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Breaking News reports are the backdrop of our time. Change is the order of the day. Stress levels are high. What looks and often feels like chaos is becoming the norm. And human suffering is, so sadly, part of the package.

In these times, for us at Body of Light, meditation becomes a necessary part of each day. The quiet soothes. The peace becomes openness. And from that space come ideas, energies and visions –- revealing glimpses of why and how this is all happening and the almost maddeningly simple answer to the question, “How do we get through it?”

When faced with such times, we have choices.

We can react with fear -– through anger, violence, finger-pointing, anxiety, resistance, isolation -– or we can move forward in love.

We can live in the regrets of the past and fear of the future or we can welcome the joy of the present.

We can recognize that we, as spirits, chose to be on this planet during this great time of change, and embrace the opportunity to grow and contribute. Or we can reject and deny our path –- choosing stubbornness, apathy or blinders out of fear of facing what is.

Fear adds to the chaos. It keeps us stuck in one place, running round and round in circles, desperately looking for a way out of a groove that only gets deeper the more we pass over it.

Love is always the solution. Love shows us that all we need to do is slow down, take a breath, look around, see the wonder that already is and never left, and appreciate the infinite possibilities –- for growth, change, peace, understanding, healing, creativity, sharing, abundance, a strong global community –- if only we embraced all that it has to offer.

Love is always the answer.

Love gives us strength to face the darkest days. It allows us to shift our feet off the usual path and walk assuredly along our own, open to whatever may come. By living through it, we move forward with confidence into the unknown -– stepping off the cliff, trusting that there is a bridge there to meet our foot.


Success isn’t found in the shadows of giants, it’s found under the feet of the most creative, entrepreneurial, daring, vulnerable, honest, talented and motivated amongst us.

Here are six keys to creating your own success.

1. Be yourself, which is to be different than everyone else. Individual perspective and experience is the catalyst for creativity.  

2. Use your talents in all aspects of your life; career, recreation, parenting, loving, mentoring, and dealing  with the everyday issues of life. Find ways to be an active influencer in your life, family, work place, kid’s school, and social networks instead of a passive participant.   

3. Be bold. Take risks. Don’t fear failure, learn from it. Surprise your fans. (Yes, you have fans – these are the people who love you for you.)

4. Be open. Give yourself permission to be emotional, impassioned, and wrong. Allow people to know who you really are instead of who you think they want you to be.

5. Speak your truth with love. Notice what your notice in the world. Have opinions, perspective, and insight. Challenge conventional wisdom. Ask questions. Be curious.

6. Surround yourself with people you trust, people who will challenge you and people who make you better.  And listen to them.


by Rebecca Gifford

With a 20-month-old in the house, the TV is more likely showing an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba! than Californication these days. It comes with the parenting territory, right? Still, this trippy little show is quite entertaining and, dare I say, enlightening.

If you’re not familiar, it is primarily about a collection of charming and child-like creatures that live in Gabba Land, mostly in the imagination of the fuzzy orange hat-clad DJ Lance Rock. Dancing, singing, guest stars and lessons about washing your hands and not biting your friends are interspersed with clever animated songs or stories. One of these animated ditties has charmed me and captured my imagination.

The lyrics are all about how it’s fun to share with your friends, etc. But the animation is truly genius in its simplicity and subtle message. One by one, little bulbous creatures share their fruit with a friend. Every time they do this, fruit begins falling from the sky. When one creature drops his hamburger on the ground, his friend gives him his only orange, then another friend comes by and shares one of hers with the creature who just gave up his. They all smile at each other…and fruit falls from the sky.

It’s a wonderful reminder and beautiful lesson for young children: When we generously and unconditionally share whatever we have to give – love, food, money, support, help, healing, a laugh, a hug, a kind word, a piece of fruit – there is no “mine,” “theirs” or “yours.” When we share, there is more than enough for everyone. There is only “ours.”

As DJ Lance Rock would say: Sharing is AWESOOOOOOME!


By Larry Gifford

In my meditation this morning I was guided through a lush forest, up a rocky staircase to a small cave. Inside the cave was a wise, older woman sitting by a fire. I sat next to her and together we held the space. We watched the flames and listened to nothing and everything. I wasn’t there by accident. I had asked for higher wisdom on what I should do to continue my spiritual evolution.

Before I departed she whispered in my ear, “Life is simple. Dance in your flame.”

I didn’t immediately understand. I asked for more of an explanation. None was given – at least by her. As I went about my morning, I began to piece it together.

In this instance fire represents life. Both can be a source of light and comfort or a raging, wildly out of control force of nature. The message for me was to dance in my flame, which I now understand means to live my life by being be an active, present participant.  When I am active (or dancing) in life, I can pivot, adjust, and shift in each moment.

I always trust the Universe will tell me everything  I need to know to evolve physically, spiritually, and emotionally, but what the wise, older woman reminded me is that I have to be present in my life to hear it.


by Larry Gifford

It starts with a twinge, a feeling, a thought, an idea. It starts with one person who doesn’t think they can make a difference. It leads to a protest, a movement, a revolution and freedom. What has happened in Egypt is a reminder to all of us that regardless of our position in life, regardless of how powerful you believe you are; your love, energy and intention has the strength to change the World.

You might not be ready to rally the revolution of a nation, but the same spark that leads to that kind of uprising originates from the same place that allows you to change your life. It starts in the heart. The heart chakra is what controls the love you have for yourself and others, and governs your ability to be at peace with yourself and the World. The moment you realize you deserve more love, respect, and balance in your life the energy shifts and your personal revolution begins. Not only will you treat yourself differently, but because you’ve shifted the energy, others will begin to see and treat you differently too.

Your own uprising may be as simple as I love myself enough to exercise more. It gives my body balance, is a way of giving new life force energy to myself, and makes me feel good.

You may wake up one morning and realize you deserve to be treated with more respect by yourself and others which could be the catalyst to leaving an oppressive relationship or job. It awakens the self-love that shines brightly inside you, revoking the permission for others to treat you as physical or verbal punching bag.

Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. When you recognize the love you have for yourself, you open a new world of self-worth, self-esteem, self-respect, self-assuredness, self-assertiveness, self-confidence, and self-forgiveness. You set yourself free.

As Valentine’s Day approaches it’s a good time to check-in with your heart chakra and see if you are giving yourself as much love as you give. You never know, it could lead to a revolution in your life.


by Rebecca Gifford

It has been a Queen of Swords week…and we’re only at Wednesday. Why do I say this? Because I am surrounded by people who need to hear – are ready to hear, are asking to hear – truth. Just as the Queen of Swords is always ready to oblige, apparently so am I. A dear friend, my husband, my toddler and a writing client… They all needed and requested (well, the toddler didn’t necessarily request) to hear exceptionally difficult things I was able to see and willing to share with them.

While I wasn’t always as at ease with it as the stately queen, I was inspired by her intellectual and spiritual certainty. What she teaches us is that even difficult truth is received and heard when expressed with love, neutrality and sincerity. This queen wields her sword without hesitation, but always with the intention of offering helpful answers – information that clarifies, heals and leads people across a precarious bridge on their spiritual journey. I’ve learned more lessons than I can count from loving friends and family, as well as fellow readers and healers, revealing things I needed to hear but was unwilling to see for myself.

Being a truth teller is rarely comfortable, which makes it easy to let opportunities to help those willing and ready to hear it pass us by. Take a lesson from the Queen of Swords and offer the truth you see to those who can’t. When expressed with love and neutrality, it is often the most loving gift you have to give.


by Larry Gifford

The peach tree in our backyard is beginning to flower again. That’s an actual photo of it above. I love how nature reminds us that no matter how many times we’ve blossomed in our lives, no matter how down and out and barren we may feel, there is always another new beginning inside of each of us ready to blossom.


by Rebecca Gifford

My parents gave us a Dancing Water Bowl for Christmas this year. It’s a beautiful metal bowl that, when filled with water and rubbed on its handles at the right pace and consistency, the resulting vibrations hum a pleasant tone and make the water ripple and dance like a pond in the rain. Lovely, right? Unless you can’t make it dance.

When I tried this meditative exercise earlier today, I found myself unable to make anything hum, let alone dance, for several tries. I washed and rewashed my hands and reread the simple three-step instructions. Rinsed out the bowl when I spotted a dog hair. Re-dampened my hands and tried again. Slower, faster, opposite directions. I rubbed that bowl until I was sure I’d rubbed a patch raw. Still, nothing.

Frustration set in, as did conversations with myself about how I was, of course, doing it wrong. About how I’d never had any problems with tools like this before and it must be defective or something. About my lack of rhythm and doubts about my coordination, and therefore my skill as a massage therapist. Perhaps I wasn’t worthy or still had something I hadn’t cleaned off me from my meditation earlier. And surely the bowl knows when someone who isn’t worthy of it sits down and tries to make it work and it surely is laughing at me right now. By the end of the monologue I was practically spinning the darn bowl and definitely wasn’t getting anywhere on the humming and dancing.

My hand slipped off one of handles, forcing me to stop. When my hands stopped, so did my brain and all its voices. I took a breath, told my brain to hush-it and listened. I returned to the center of my head — that clear and loving place connected to my higher self and my third eye — and sat there quietly. Soon, I heard the subtle sound of my heart beating. My rhythm found, I lifted my hands to the bowl and tried again. Within a few seconds, the bowl began to hum beautifully and small ripples flowed from the edges of the bowl to its center. It really was lovely. What an amazing gift.

We all have lots of voices yammering about inside our heads. Most of them come from our brains, our insecurities, our fears, our memories. Most of them offer little to nothing to any situation — and often are counterproductive. When you can turn them off and simply listen to your body and your higher self, you have all the information you need.

When you can turn them off, you can access that balanced, golden center that allows you to know intuitively how to talk to that frustrating co-worker, climb that hill on the hiking trail that’s eluded you for weeks, conquer your fear of flying, finally bake a pie crust that isn’t doughy or make a bowl sing and dance.


by Larry Gifford

So, this morning I woke up with a headache. I didn’t think much of it. I grabbed some Motrin and glass of water and it hit me. I’m dehydrated. My body wants me to drink more water and actually tricked me into doing so. And that is what I love about our bodies. If we are listening, they are talking to us. Often times, the messages are extremely literal.

For instance, I tend to sprain my ankle when I’m having trouble moving forward with something in my life. When I’m having trouble speaking my peace, I begin to lose my voice. When I suppress my stress and hide from it instead of facing it head on and releasing it, I get back pain. I’m just getting over a cold; a clear message from my body to slow down and take better care of myself. And when I crave a big steak, I know my body is asking me for more Iron.

Try it for yourself. Get in touch with and listen to your body. You might be surprised how much you’ll find out about what’s really going on inside of you.